Sparkling Disc
Hand Blown Glass
Small: D 16"
Medium: D 21"
Large: D 30"
This hand blown glass disc has been infused with bubbles and then spun out to a flat plate shape. The reverse side has been silvered like a mirror to produce an extraordinary reflective sculptural accent or grouping. Every unique disc comes with a bracket that will install easily onto any standard picture hanger.
Mondrian Mirro
Mirrored glass with wood back

Small: H 36" W 20"
Large: H 52" W 30"
Each mirror is a unique artistic assemblage of many hand- cut and beveled glass mirror tiles. The artist fits and glues each tile to a wooden backing that has been sanded, stained and finished like a fine piece of furniture. Composed like a painting, each hand-crafted mirror is an individual work of art.
Bubble Bookends
hand-blown glass and recycled wood base.
( Set of Two ) each: H 8" W 7" D 5"
This bookend is a part of history. Made from recycled wood, the base has been planed and polished to bring out the wood's original beauty. Nestled on this base is a sculpted slab of clear glass with bubbles suspended inside.
Tablescapes are beautiful sculptural arrangements of hand-blown glass shapes. The groupings are conceived as one complete artistic statement for a table, shelf or niche in your home. Each hand-blown shape is made with all the others in the grouping in mind, meticulously made until line, proportion and color all work seamlessly together. They can be ordered as an existing grouping or custom made to fit any space.
Chick Vase
Hand Blown Glass
Available in a variety of colors
Each: H 8" W 5" D 5"
These playful glass vases add a sense of whimsy to any room. Create "plumage" with your favorite flower, or display them in groups of different colors. Each vase is made by hand, so variations in form and color will occur, making each one a unique sculptural object .
Bubble Lamp
Hand-blown glass base with chrome
hardware and white linen shade.
Small: H 16" W 7"
Large: H 20" W 11"
This lamp features a translucent glass base embedded with bubbles suspended in space and time. Delicately added during the glass blowing process, these effervescent bubbles are unique in each lamp. The all-chrome hardware is pressed into the glass base for sturdy handling. Hand polished and signed by the artist, each lamp is topped with a linen shade.
Triple bubble lamp
hand blown glass, black patina steel
incandescent and LED light fixtures
H 34" W 20" D 20"
This monumental hand-blown glass and steel lamp can be used as a primary light source in any room or switched to the LED setting to become a beautiful ambient glass sculpture.
Convertible Candelabra
hand-blown and polished glass candlesticks with sterling silver cups.
Available in a variety of colors
Each: H 8" W 5" D 5"
This candelabra's beauty is in its versatility. The two components can be nestled together or displayed separately. Each cylindrical arc is formed by hand in the hot glass shop, polished to a smooth finish, and fitted with sterling silver cups.
Lava Lamp
Hand Blown Glass
H 28" W 12"
This lamp is a hot sculpted to mimic the movement and flow of hot lava. Straight from the furnace while the glass is still liquid each lamp base is poked and prodded until it becomes a flowing sculpture reminiscent of lava spewing from a volcano.